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Cobram Estate Australia logo Cobram Estate Australia
Cobram Estate Australia

Boundary Bend’s flagship retail brand, Cobram Estate, was established in 2001 with the aim of roviding the highest quality Australian extra virgin olive oil. At the time of its launch
the Australian olive oil industry was still in its infancy, and Cobram Estate quickly gained distribution through gourmet speciality food stores. The following year Cobram Estate launched a supermarket and food service range and the brand has gained in strength ever since.

Today Cobram Estate is Australia’s #1 selling Extra Virgin Olive Oil (by dollars and units). Cobram Estate is recognised as Australia’s most awarded olive oil, winning more than 150 awards since inception including two Best in Class trophies and four Gold Medals at the 2013 New York International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition against 700 olive oils from around the world.
Red Island logo Red Island
Red Island

Red Island is one of Australia’s favourite olive oil brands. During the past decade, Red Island has picked up a number of awards for excellence in quality and taste, expanded it’s distribution throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia, and recently joined the Boundary Bend family.
Modern Olives logo Modern Olives
Modern Olives

Modern Olives is a leading provider of technical services to the olive industry.
Modern Olives Laboratory offers a wide range of chemical tests, sensory analysis and blending advice.
Wellgrove Australia logo Wellgrove Australia
Wellgrove Australia

Wellgrove is the wellness arm of Australia’s largest olive grower, Boundary Bend Limited. We are holistic farmers, caring for over 2.5 million olive trees through every step of their lifecycle journey, from nursery to planting and the annual harvest. We aim to capture all of the natural goodness from the olive tree, enabling us to deliver superior quality, all-natural and fully-traceable Australian-grown products to our customers.
Cobram Estate USA logo Cobram Estate USA
Cobram Estate USA

The New World of Olive Oil!
We make killer olive oil that tastes fancy so you don’t have to be. A ruthlessly fresh, gloriously unrefined extra virgin.
Stone & Grove logo Stone & Grove
Stone & Grove

What began as an initiative to reduce leaf waste on our farms, Stone & Grove™ olive leaf teas are the result of several years of trialing and experimenting to bring you the perfect olive leaf cuppa.
With over 20 years of olive growing expertise across our three groves in Australia, it’s fair to say our passion for our olive trees inspires everything we do. From tree to tea, we aim to capture all of the natural olive goodness, enabling us to deliver superior quality, traceable, Australian-made products.
Wellgrove USA logo Wellgrove USA
Wellgrove USA

Wellgrove is an olive-based health and wellness brand that produces products made from the finest olive trees sourced from our own groves. As Australia’s leading olive farmer, we are interested in planting, growing and cultivating the healthiest olive trees to produce premium olive products.
Boundary Bend Wellness logo Boundary Bend Wellness
Boundary Bend Wellness

To extract and supply the highest quality olive extracts and ingredients from the healthiest plants on earth.