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United States Olive Oil Industry
According to the California olive industry, the United States Olive Oil Industry began in California in 1700s.

However commercial production did not begin until the 1800s. The industry developed at that time to satisfy the rising demand for olive oil, and production began to flourish.  Much of the olive oil consumed in the United States is still imported.

According to the International Olive Council, the olive oil production in the United States has increased from 2,500 tons in 2009 to 10,000 tons in 2013.

The United States consumption of olive oil increased from 100,000 tonnes in 1993 to 300,000 tonnes in 2012. University of California, Davis, suggests that America’s love affair with olive oil has arrived at a turning point. The US has always imported most of its olive oil from Italy and Spain; imports from Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, and Turkey have helped meet the rising demand. Now, though, American enthusiasm for olive oil is so great that the US is uniquely positioned to change the future of the global olive oil industry—perhaps by encouraging competition from other countries such as Australia, Argentina, and Chile, and perhaps by emerging as a competing producer itself.

Area Planted
According to the American Olive Oil Producers Association, there is approximately 30,000 acres of olives planted exclusively for the production of olive oil in California, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Oregon and Hawaii.