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Shareholder Announcements

Dividend Information

December 13 2018

By email Dear Shareholder, As you may be aware, Boundary Bend Limited will be paying an unfranked 12 cents per share dividend on 15 February 2019 (record date 31 January 2019). The board has resolved to continue with the dividend reinvestment plan (DRP) and therefore will be offering this to all shareholders. The price for […]

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2018 AGM Presentation

October 30 2018

Dear Shareholder, Please find below a link to the presentation given by Rob McGavin at the 2018 Boundary Bend Limited AGM. BBL AGM – October 2018 Presentation

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Harvest Update

June 29 2018

By email Dear Shareholders Harvest Results You will recall that our 2018 harvest was forecast to be detrimentally impacted by severe frosts. Our Australian harvest has now been completed with 30,500 tonnes of fruit milled, producing 5.42 million litres of oil and disappointingly behind our internal post-frost forecast of 7 million litres.  Estimating crop levels […]

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Paul and Fi Riordan moving to USA, Harvest update and recent awards

May 1 2018

Dear Shareholders and Staff, It is with great appreciation that we announce Paul and Fiona Riordan and their two boys, Will and Angus, are moving to live in Woodland, California, to assist in executing our exciting USA based business. For those who are more recent shareholders, Paul and I are the founders of Boundary Bend […]

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Boundary Bend $25m equity placement

April 27 2018

Sent by email Dear Shareholders Further to my email last week, we are pleased to announce that we have closed the equity placement, as we now have firm commitments for the full $25 million at $8.50 per share. Should you have missed out, and would like to purchase some more shares in Boundary Bend, please […]

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Half Yearly Financial Report to 31 December 2017

March 16 2018

Sent by email Dear Shareholders Please find below a link to our half-yearly audit reviewed financial report for the six months to 31 December 2017 as well as an update below. Boundary Bend Ltd 31 December 2017 Half Year Financial Report Half-yearly results For the half year to 31 December 2017, Boundary Bend Limited reported […]

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