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Boundary Bend Limited – Dividend Information

Boundary Bend Limited – Dividend Information

Dear Shareholder,

As you will be aware, Boundary Bend Limited (BBL) will be paying a 10 cent per share unfranked dividend on the 12 February 2016. The record date for this dividend is 29 January 2016.

This year the BBL board has decided to suspend the dividend reinvestment plan (DRP) until further notice. The reason for the suspension is that the board does not foresee the need for capital in the short-term and feels that it is not in the best interests of all shareholders to issue shares at the current traded price. Therefore, all shareholders will be paid a cash dividend on 12 February 2016.

If you have any questions please call me on 0448 313 774 or email

Kindest regards

Sam Beaton