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When we consider the new ‘Modern’ Olive Industry, we think about a modern olive growing model continuing high consistent quality yields with sustainable production methods through the efficient application of technology and resources. In order to achieve this objective, it is necessary to obtain maximum fruit and oil yields, the highest quality for the final product and minimal production costs. These yields must be achieved with consideration of environmental conditions and sustainability. Optimal profitability is not achieved with yields alone.

Quality throughout production management and the processing systems have a strong influence on the final price. Furthermore, minimal production costs are achieved only if mechanisation is adopted in a grove.

Boundary Bend Limited is undoubtedly the leading example of this concept of modern olive growing. An extremely efficient and fully mechanised olive growing model achieving high yields and consistent high quality characterises our groves across Australia. 

Boundary Bend Estate

To date, 3,500 hectares of olive groves at Boundary Bend Estate that have been developed, an efficient horticultural project that has set peak performance standards for the Australian olive oil industry. The largest area of the estate is located approximately one kilometre south of Boundary Bend on the Murray Valley Highway with the remaining area located near Wemen also alongside the Murray River.

The area is well suited to large-scale horticulture projects as evidenced by other large successful horticultural developments. These include mature citrus and almond plantations and vineyards which facilitated and support local agribusiness infrastructure services.

The scale of Boundary Bend Estate and the company’s investment in the most advanced horticultural and production technology allows the company both economies of scale and significant efficiencies without compromising superior fruit and oil quality.

Currently there are over 1.3 million trees planted representing five major oil varieties: Arbequina, Barnea, Coratina, Picual and Frantoio. Arbosana, Leccino, Hojiblanca, Koroneiki and Picholine have also been planted.

Boort Estate

Boort Estate is one of the world’s largest single estate olive groves, located in the Boort district, 120 km northwest of Bendigo in Victoria.

The estate comprises almost 900,000 trees on an area covering more than 2,550 hectares. The estate has on on-site olive processing plant which is capable of processing more than 46 tonnes of olives per hour or 1,104 tons per day, to make premium extra virgin olive oil.

Leading varieties produced on the estate include: Arbequina, Barnea, Coratina, Frantoio, Leccino, Koroneiki, Hojiblanca, Manzanillo, and Picual.