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Harvesting and Processing


Boundary Bend is currently leading the marketing of new harvesting technologies with its involvement with MaqTec in developing the Colossus. The Colossus is the most popular 1529_Misheye_080514.240olive harvester in the new olive growing areas with 28 machines currently operating in Australia and more than 50 around the world.

During the last 30 years, mechanical harvesting with trunk shakers has been considered the most reliable method for reducing labour costs. These harvesting methods are still being used extensively in the Mediterranean region. During the last decade, modern large-scale groves have discovered some of the limitations of using discontinuous systems and a new generation of continuous harvesting machines has been adapted or developed and used in many olive-growing regions.


Grape harvesters and coffee harvesters have been used in young trees with optimal results. In California and Argentina, and most recently in Australia, modern olive groves have approached the problem of mechanisation in a different way than in the Mediterranean growing areas.

Engineering companies and growers decided to design continuous harvesters adapted to the size of trees in modern groves of typical densities between 250 and 550 trees per hectare. Percentage of fruit removal, level of tree and fruit damage and cost of the harvest per kilogram are very encouraging, even in full canopy
size trees.


1529_Misheye_080514.103 (1)Hygiene procedures in every step, strict temperature and quality controls and state of the art continuous extraction systems are Boundary Bend Limited tools to protect the attributes of our olive oil.After the fruit has been harvested, the steps of processing the olives and storing the oil are extremely important in order to guarantee the quality of the olive oil. From fruit receival to oil storage, all the steps in the processing plant must follow certain basic rules.

Extra Virgin olive oil is the juice of our olives. We take care of the olives in the grove and process them carefully as soon as possible after harvest. 1529_Misheye_080514.111The quality in the final product is just a natural result. A fully computerised traceability system allow us to locate in our groves the trees harvested to produce each of our tanks guaranteeing maximum quality and security for our customers worldwide.