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Boundary Bend Limited started exclusively as a seller of bulk Australian olive oil, first harvesting in 2002.

It wasn’t until 2006 that we installed a bottling line at Lara, Victoria and entered the packaged goods channel. So bulk olive oil is dear to our hearts. Fast forward fifteen years, we are Australia’s largest seller of bulk olive oil and have an operation in California selling Californian, Australian and South American olive oil. We offer bulk olive oil for food, cosmetic and supplement manufacturing.

Our Californian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced at our Woodland processing facility. Our Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced at our processing facilities on Boundary Bend Estate and Boort Estate.  Both are in Victoria, north of Melbourne. We have partner growers in South America who supply oil to our USA operation. Oil sourced from these partners meets very clear, precise, written quality specifications set by our customers. These specifications are enforced by a robust testing protocol throughout the procurement and delivery process.

Our core values are based on integrity and authenticity. Customers must be able to trust the source of their olive oil, and that oil purchased is true to label. We focus on quality and authenticity through our production processes and QA procedures to eliminate the guessing game often involved with sourcing olive oil. We believe the oil we make, and source should improve the quality, taste, performance, and health benefits of products for which it is used. We empower bulk oil customers to outsource their global olive oil sourcing, price negotiation, vendor certification, testing, and QA needs to a single, reliable vendor.

Our partnership with Modern Olives Laboratory, one of the world’s leading testing and research laboratories, allows us to perform rigorous authenticity testing, shelf life prediction and guarantees full traceability back to the producer.

Why use Boundary Bend to source your bulk olive oil?

  1. Reduce the risk of purchasing olive oil that is below the standard being advertised.
  2. We maintain consistent quality and profiles, so your products won’t change in flavour from one batch to the next.
  3. We purchase in large volumes ensuring a stronger price negotiating position.
  4. We take the time and effort out of purchasing olive oil, so you can concentrate on other areas of your business.
  5. All oils are tested at the award-winning Modern Olives laboratories in Woodland, CA or Lara, Victoria.

Our bulk olive oils are available in a variety of forms including:

  • 205 litre drums in Australia, 55 gallon drums in USA
  • 1,000 litre (265 gallon) pallecons and totes
  • 24,000 litre (6,350 gallon) flexi-tanks

In Australia, we can also supply in 27,000 litre or 42,000 litre tankers. In the US we can supply 6,200 gallon tankers.

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