Nursery, Technical and Laboratory Services

Modern Olives Nursery is the largest wholesale supplier of olive trees in Australia. Established in 1998 to provide quality trees for olive grove production we now provide a wide range of premium quality olive stock for the horticultural, nursery and landscaping industry.

Our propagation and production systems are focused on providing our customers with healthy quality trees and proven true to type varieties. We stock a comprehensive range of oil and table olive varieties with the most popular available in 25mm tubes, 90mm square pots, 8 inch and 10 inch round pots and advanced trees.

The Modern Olives technical and laboratory team is lead by Leandro Ravetti and Claudia Guillaume, making up one of the world’s most experienced olive advisory teams from the grove to the bottle. Claudia Modern Olives

Throughout the entire process, from planning your grove to processing your crops in years to come, we at Modern Olives are able to provide you with professional olive specific technical advice. Our commitment to quality means that providing you with the highest standard of trees is only part of the solution to creating a profitable olive grove or project.

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